Friday, March 16, 2012


I am just starting this blog (if that isn't obvious), as a close friend of mine and I have discussed, I will try to keep the blabbering to a minimum.  My blog is called Eat Teach Parent because those are three things I fill my life with.  Of course, they are not in order of importance; just a cute spin off of Eat Pray Love.  The purpose of starting this up was to participate in some cool recipe swapping, and my kitchen skills could be fine tuned a little (or rather a lot!).  I then thought I enjoy swapping teaching ideas... I mean what teacher doesn't?  What do I teach you ask?  Well I currently do not have my own classroom, but I hope to very, very, very soon (and so does my husband!)!!  I am currently substituting for the local elementary schools, at least I'm putting my Elementary Education Degree to some sort of use.  I will still try to post some of the things I've done up to this point through school, student teaching, and my long-term subbing; if it doesn't give any of you ideas it will be a great reminder for me when I finally do get my own class!  I am guilty of spending my free time searching Pinterest, where I find all kinds of awesome ideas.  I might slip a few of these untested (by me) ideas on here as well, who knows!  Now the best part (at least in my opinion) being a mom!  I know I'm no expert, but it's still nice to see other peoples views on things!  I had my daughter last July and it's been the best 8 months of my life!  My husband and I are having such a blast and enjoying every minute of it.  I hope to use this blog to bring us moms, moms-to-be, and/or can't-wait-to-be-moms together, share stories, opinions, and advice.  With help from others I may even try to share some good deals; as parents, I know we save money wherever we can!  

Well that's the round about purpose of this blog, let's see if I can keep it up!! 

Here's to Eat Teach Parent!!!  


  1. I vote some blabbering is perfectly acceptable as long as it is relevant :) Good luck my most awesomest pal in the whole wide world! PS you need to remove the catpcha! I can help if you don't know how!

  2. i like the new layout ;) the back ground is CUTE :) and the header too :)